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Cell Phone Policy

​We have a growing number of students who bring cell phones to school—often hidden in pockets and backpacks, then brought out secretly in the classroom, washrooms and on the playground. Unfortunately, we have had to deal with an increasing number of “bullying” issues resulting from hurtful texting. Although these incidents often occur outside of school, the issues that result are brought to school and influence negative student behaviour.

Students should NOT use electronic devices, games, iPods, iPhones during school hours—they are known to be the cause of great distraction, and there is always the concern that such costly items may go missing. Due to privacy concerns, these items should never be used to take pictures at school. The school cannot take responsibility for the safety of these items.

Students are encouraged to leave cell phones in their backpacks or leave them at home.
Cell phones should only be  used to and from school to keep students safe and at school , only if there is a family emergency. Phones are always the responsibility of the family, and must be turned off and stay in a backpack throughout the day. If a student is found inappropriately using a cell phone at school, it will be taken and stored at the office, and will only be returned to a parent.

Student s may call home from the office with teacher permission. Please make your scheduling and playdate arrangements at home in the morning so that students do not feel the need to contact you during the school day.

Click the pdf below for more information around the NGE Electronics & Cell Phone Policy: