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Work Ethic

North Glenmore Elementary Work Ethic Wordle.jpg
Work Ethic Criteria
Work Ethic Awards are presented at the end of each term to students in the Intermediate grades who meet or exceed the following criteria.

It is possible for EVERY student in an Intermediate class to be recognized for positive "work ethic!"
Quality of Work/Work Habits
- Work to the best of my ability consistently
- Completes work in class as assigned
- Consistently completes homework as assigned
- Takes care of personal space, supplies, school equipment & materials

- Follows classroom / school guidelines to work without disruption to others
- Demonstrates responsibility in completing tasks
- Gives best effort at all times without frequent reminders from staff to focus
- Is usually prepared for class (including PE & Music classes)
- Uses a student agenda consistently as required by the teacher
Relationship with Others
- Participates appropriately during group activities & class discussions
- Works cooperatively during group activities
- Maintains positive relationships with classmates and staff
- Is helpful to classmates and others, including the teacher
"Dare to soar.  Your attitude, almost always,
determines your altitude in life." - Byrd Baggett