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Work Ethic

North Glenmore Elementary Work Ethic Wordle.jpg
All students are encouraged to work to the best of their capabilities each and every day. 
Work Habits
- Work to the best of my ability consistently
- Complete work in class as assigned
- Consistently complete homework as assigned
- Take care of personal space, supplies, school equipment & materials

- Follow classroom / school guidelines to work without disruption to others
- Demonstrate responsibility in completing tasks
- Give my best effort at all times without frequent reminders from staff to focus
- prepare for class (including PE & Music classes)
- Use a student agenda as a tool to support organization skills
Relationship with Others
- Participate appropriately during group activities & class discussions
- Work cooperatively during group activities
- Maintain positive relationships with classmates and staff
- Be helpful to classmates and others, including the teacher
"Dare to soar.  Your attitude, almost always,
determines your altitude in life." - Byrd Baggett