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Parking & Drop Off

 Overview of NGE "Kiss & Drop" System for the Drop-Off Zone

We continue to use our Kiss & Drop parking lot program with the support of parent volunteers (we always need more!).  Please thank them for their time by following the instructional video procedures below.  Each day we work to improve both the safety and efficiency of our morning drop-off.  Your attention to the strategies in place will help us to keep traffic flowing more smoothly and safely in the mornings.  Again please pay attention to the no parking notification along the NO STOPPING ANYTIME section of Snowsell.

The video below provides a brief overview of how the "Kiss & Drop" system works:


To summarize, in a "Kiss & Drop" system...

- Cones will be placed along the outside of the drop-off zone (to ensure that vehicles only enter and exit at the ends of the lane)

- Vehicles must pull up as far forward as possible when entering the drop-off zone

- Parents must stay in their vehicles (if you need to get out, please use a parking spot along Snowsell)

- Children must wait for a parent/sudent volunteer to open their car door before getting out

- Children must exit out of the right side of the vehicle to avoid unsafe parking lot traffic

- Parent/Student volunteers will be at the END of the drop-off zone to let children out (this will ensure for smooth traffic flow)

- We ask that children are ready to go with bags in hand (or beside them on the seat)


Student Drop-Off and Pick Up
Procedures for North Glenmore
Over the past few years City of Kelowna and School District #23 crews have worked hard to improve traffic flow and safety in the North Glenmore area
The intersection light at Snowsell and Union is now on a “delayed” green, allowing pedestrians more time to use the crosswalk before cars are permitted to proceed into the intersection.
The City has also upgraded Henkel Rd., bordering our north fence, to accommodate cars dropping-off and picking-up students in this area.  Some important points to consider if using Henkel Rd. are:
·    This is a residential “lane,” therefore the speed limit should be restricted to 15 km/hour.
·    Parallel parking only along the gravel section near the school property.  Let your children out on the passenger side only, next to the school fence.  Car doors should not open into the road/oncoming traffic.
·    Park ONLY on the south side of the road, next to the school fence, NOT on the north side near residents’ property.  Any cars parked along the North side will prohibit safe turn-around.
·    No U-Turns! Proceed to the end of the lane to turn around safely. 
·    Please respect our neighbours – do not use their driveways for turn-around.
School District #23 has provided a temporary parent drop-off and pick-up zone on the upper level of our parking lot.  Staff and busses only will park in the lower level bus-loop.  We are hoping that this will alleviate a lot of the traffic congestion around our school.  With your cooperation, our procedures will be both safe and effective. 
North Glenmore Route Options Sept 2011 PIC.JPG

·    Proceed to the north end of the zone as far as possible before stopping.
·    Let your children out on the passenger side only, beside the pedestrian path.  Car doors should not open into the parking lot and oncoming traffic.
·    Students should proceed down the new pedestrian path to safely access the school grounds.
·    Cars should carefully pull-out to proceed north out of the parking lot.
·    The DROP-OFF ZONE IS NOT A PARKING AREAdo not leave your car unattended in this area, either before or after school.
Parking is still available along both sides of Snowsell in designated areas.  Please respect signs!