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Our Learning Story

North Glenmore Elementary School (NGE) is a relatively large school of approximately 640 students coming from a well-established community in the Glenmore Valley of Kelowna, BC.  Like the other two elementary schools in the Valley, NGE has been experiencing significant growth as the area expands into a more heterogeneous mixture of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

North Glenmore has  been focusing on three goals: 

  1. Making sure our own assessment, grading, and reporting practices are designed to support learning
  2. Helping our students feel like they are in control of their learning and improving our student's perception of themselves as learners
  3. Building student capacity around intercultural understanding and empathy for Indigenous Peoples

North Glenmore made the move to gradeless classrooms and report cards that focus on skills and processes, provide constructive feedback, and engage students in goal setting with their parents and teachers.  By helping our students focus on their learning and how to improve it, rather than the marks their teachers are assigning, they feel more in control and more confident about how they are doing in school (see 'The Scan' results in 2019/2020 Spiral of Inquiry).

The staff committed to developing a Growth Mindset in our students.  Students with a 'fixed mindset' are more likely to feel powerless with respect to their abilities, see mistakes as failures rather than opportunities, and may avoid taking risks.  By developing a Growth Mindset students have begun to believe their intelligence and abilities can be improved with effort and the right strategies.  When kids learn that putting forth effort and using the right strategies can make them smarter, they try harder and achieve more (see 'The Scan' results in 2019/2020 Spiral of Inquiry).

The staff also have begun the process of Indigenizing classrooms and learning by focusing on Canada's history with Indigenous Peoples and celebrating the richness of Indigenous culture in our school.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission laid out 94 'Calls to Action in their report, and educators play a significant role in the plans to help our country recover from its past.  In the words of Marie Wilson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, "Education played a huge role in getting us into this mess, and education must play a huge role in helping us get out of it"

moving-forward-min.pngMoving forward, we wanted to 're-scan' our school community to get a sense of the impact of our work around assessment, grading, and the development of Growth Mindset.  We also wanted to determine next steps and new directions in our efforts towards deeper learning and school improvement.

To learn more about the new direction that North Glenmore is heading in, please click the link to 'Our Inquiry Process'.