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Safety Awareness

"Street Proofing" Safety Tips from the BC RCMP

1.   Incidents of child abduction are rare; however, it is important to reinforce basic safety

principles with your children in order to educate and prepare them should they be approached.


2.   Here are some safety tips to discuss with your children and for older children to keep in mind

when they are alone (i.e. not in the care of their parents or trusted adults/guardians).


3.   Know your home address and home phone number and how to contact your parents on their cell phones or at work.


4.   Know how and when to call 9-1-1 in an emergency situation: at home, from a cell, and from a public telephone.


5.   Travel and play in groups, regardless of your age. The popular 'buddy system' works best.


6.   If you become separated or lost, tell someone with a nametag (e.g. a cashier or security

guard) right away; if there is no one with a nametag, preferably tell a female.


7.   Be polite, but avoid long conversation with strangers. If someone you don't know asks

you a lot of personal questions, like where you live, Do Not Answer, just run away.


8.   Don't be afraid to say NO to adults who ask you to do something for them, like find a lost

pet, join them in an activity, or give them directions.


9.   Never accept a ride or gifts from strangers, or even someone you may know, without checking with your parents first. Keep a safe distance (two arm lengths) from strangers and cars that approach you.


10. Establish a secret word or phrase for your family. This should be used in emergencies to

identify a 'safe person' other than their parent or child giver.


11. If a person tries to grab you, scream loudly, make a lot of noise, and create a disturbance

(e.g. knock things over, scatter belongings, kick wildly). Shout Help, this person is not my



12. Do not wear headphones or use portable electronic devices that can distract you from your

surroundings when you are walking in the neighbourhood.


13. If you are taking a public bus home, sit near the front of the bus, near the driver.


14. Play 'what if' games with younger children to reinforce these safety messages.