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Vice-Principal's Message

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At North Glenmore Elementary, we all strive to develop and foster School District #23's attributes for all our students: learner, thinker, innovator, collaborator, and contributor.
Hello Gators!​​

It has been a busy month at North Glenmore.  Our murals are now complete and proudly hanging in the front forum.  Can you guess which province each banner represents?

We received a lovely email from Michael Mitchell with great compliments regarding our student behaviour during his visit.  Well done Gators!

Please ask your son or daughter to tell you about the North Glenmore 3 R's.​

Intramural Floor Hockey has now finished in The Swamp.   We have had over 250 students involved!  A big thank you to all of the volunteer coaches and referees.​

We continue with our kindness mission by celebrating what GATORS are all about.  NGE GATORS are:

G - Generous

A - Academic - our focus for the Month of December:  Am I working to the best of my ability?  Who can I ask for help?  How can I help myself?

T - Trustworthy - Our new focus during January - the Mission Managers will be exploring this aspect of our GATOR acronym at the upcoming assemblies

O - Organized - for the months of February and March our New Mission Managers will be working on sharing aspects of organizational skill building

R - Respectful ​- Respect for Self/Respect for Others/Respect for the Environment 

S - Safe​

At each of our assemblies we will focus our learning on one of these concepts/skills; and then work on  demonstrating  that learning through our actions and interactions at NGE.  

We would like to welcome Miss Holm to North Glenmore, and wish Mr. Owens the best of luck in his new position over at Casorso Elementary.

Finally, Spring has sprung:)

Jill Voros

North Glenmore Elementary
School District No. 23